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chillin out

Full Name

Shadow The Hedgehog

Skin Color

Red and Black

Eye Color



No information


Cab Driver

Shadow The Hedgehog is the offical main character of the show along with his brother Sonic and his best friend Yoshi.


Shadow's personality is diffrent from everyone elses. Shadow really loves Direct TV Porn. He masterbats to it every day but, Sonic does not approve on it. Sonic thinks Direct TV Porn is discusting. Another thing Shadow loves is beer. Shadow is a big fan of beer and Sonic doesnt even care that Shadow drinks to much. Shadow also loves Mountain Dew better then anyone. Sonic and Yoshi thinnk that Shadow has a problum with Mountain Dew. Shadow has lots of guns which he loves. He even has his own gun collection.


Shadow has a decent amount of friends. Sonic is of course Shadow's brother but, they dont get along all the time. Yoshi is Shadows best friend, they dont really talk but, they dont fight. Bear is Shadow's friend and body guard.


  • Shadow has a Mountain Dew and a Direct TV Porn addiction.
  • Shadow is the main character of the show and his name is in the title "The Shadow Show"